Arithmetic of Computers

Arithmetic of Computers

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About this Web Site

This site is based upon the book, The Arithmetic of Computers, by Norman A. Crowder and first published in 1958. The book was the first in the TutorText series written by Norman Crowder, all of which have been, so far as I am aware, out of print for many years. The books are increasingly hard to come by (in my experience, ABE Books is the most fruitful source - and probably little known and even less used.

I take no credit for any of the ideas or content in the book - that is entirely down to Norman Crowder. All I have done is try to reproduce the book in a web site so that Norman Crowder's work can be seen, used and appreciated by a wider audience.

I first saw (and read) this book when I was primary school age and it was probably one of the key seeds that started my lifelong interest in computing and mathematics. I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

This site is based on my copy of the book - Third Edition (British), 1962. Wherever practicable the structure and content follows the original book, with layout adapted to fit the format of a web site and the constraints of HTML. The main body of the text was produced using LyX, MiKTEX, LATEX and TEX.

If anyone spots any mistakes in the text, incorrect links or other errors or anomalies, please let me know by email :

David Nutting
Tenscope Limited