Arithmetic of Computers

Arithmetic of Computers

from Tenscope Limited

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Note to the Reader

This is not an ordinary book. The pages are numbered in the usual way, but they are not read consecutively. In order to proceed from one page to the next, you must choose an answer to the multiple-choice question and turn to the page indicated to the right of your selection. The succeeding page will contain either another multiple-choice question or other directions as to what to do.

Beneath a horizontal line at the bottom of some pages you will notice Answers to Self-Test Questions. Disregard them until you are given instructions concerning their use.

You should have pencil and paper available for making notes and working problems.

Please turn to Page 1 and begin.

Note for this web edition : Look for the Purple Buttons on each page, which should lead you through the book. The Grey Buttons are there in case you need them, but should not generally be necessary.