Arithmetic of Computers

Arithmetic of Computers

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Lesson 6

The Octal System

From eight to ten

Page 191

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So long as we are agreed on the number for the base of our number system, we may use any number we please.
A number system based on powers of 8 finds considerable use around digital computers. This system is called the octal system (Latin octo = eight). To introduce the basic ideas in the octal system, let’s consider first the following question:
What decimal number is represented by the expression
1(82) + 3(81) + 2(80)?
Answer :
1(82) + 3(81) + 2(80) = 89.

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1(82) + 3(81) + 2(80) = 90.

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1(82) + 3(81) + 2(80) = 104.

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Answer to Self-Test Question 1, Lesson 6 :
a. 262; b. 28; c. 346; d. 136.

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