Arithmetic of Computers

Arithmetic of Computers

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Self-Test Questions : Lesson 7

Decimals to Octals

. . . and back again

What is the remainder when 69 is divided by 6?

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When you divide a number by 8, may this be the first step in converting octal to decimal, or decimal to octal?

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In converting from decimal to octal, the remainders after repeated division by 8 form the digits of the octal number. In what order are the remainders written as the digits of the octal number?

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Convert to octal:
a. 423
b. 500
c. 3333

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Convert the following decimal fractions to octal fractions:
a. .125
b. .015625

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Round off these octal fractions to the second place:
a. .4448
b. .3628
c. .6568
d. .1248

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Convert these decimal fractions to octals, rounding off to the third place:
a. .598
b. .138
c. .005

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