Arithmetic of Computers

Arithmetic of Computers

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Lesson 1

The Powers of Numbers

A little exponent goes a long way!

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Your answer :
I don’t understand the question.
You have stated that you don’t understand the question.
Well, let’s break it down.
It is a common practice to use a letter such as x or n when we want to talk about a rule that holds for any number. If you have x number of pounds, and your friend has (x plus 10) number of pounds, your friend is £10 richer than you, no matter what x stands for.
Now we have stated that we shall let b stand for base in discussing powers of numbers, and n stands for the exponent. Therefore b is used as a factor n times in the expression bn.
Try substituting actual numbers. Let b = 4, and n = 3. When bn = 43, then 4 is used as a factor 3 times.
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